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2016 Student Handbook and Required Forms


You've worked hard since third grade, and you are now about to embark on one of hard work's payoffs.  The Governor's Honors Academy is now only a few weeks away, and there's just a little more work for you.

The Student Handbook should answer many of your questions, including information about how to pack, and the forms you are to complete are for our convenience and your safety.

Please read through all of the directions before starting on the forms.  This is important because they are in two formats--some paper and some electronic. The reason we don't do everything electronically is that there are some things that still require a parental signature.


Important Links

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Correction: The Favorite Educator luncheon and ceremony is on Saturday, July 9, 2016

 GHA Student Handbook

Student Forms that are to be Mailed

Selecting a Favorite Educator Instructions    Please note: the educator ceremony is Saturday, July 9.

Invitation and Instructions for Your Favorite Educator


 Class descriptions 

The directions for selecting your courses, which are printed just before the descriptions of the classes, say that your intensive and broad-based courses must be in different disciplines. For example, you will not be placed in a math class for both.  In order to assure that you are considered for the discipline of your choice, be sure to include that discipline in both broad-based and intensive classes. (If your first choice is a math class, but you do not get a math intensive class, you will be given priority for a broad-based session.)


Registering for Classes:  At 4 p.m., Tuesday, May 31, the form for registering for class and completing the favorite educator form will go live. Although the registration process is described in both the "Selecting a Favorite Educator Instructions" and "Class Descriptions" links,  you are to follow the very simple directions on the form itself and submit all of the information via the Internet. The Favorite Educator form requires an email address.  Simply use something like "none" It should work then.  Put WV in the blank for the state and "none" everywhere else.
Fill in all the boxes in the form, remembering that your class submissions are not considered complete until you have completed the entire form, including the Outstanding Educator information.
You will also need to list any allergies that you have, any dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, etc.), and any ADA accommodations that you require.


The following link will go live at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31.

Class and Favorite Educator Submission Forms


The online form was developed by Fairmont State University, and your selections and information will be aggregated in a database that is set up there.  If you have problems, call 304-640-0988. 







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