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Class Selections 2016--2017 Applicants, take a look


You've waited to see just which of the exciting courses you'll request at the Governor's Honors Academy in 2016.  Although the registration date isn't until May 31, you can now read through the descriptions to see which of the classes you "simply must" take.

Intensive classes go more deeply into areas in which you already have a knowledge base. Broad-based courses are shorter in length and do not require previous experience with the subject matter. The broad-based courses should not be in the field of your major (intensive) class. For example, if you take an intensive math class, your broad-based course may not be in the math field. You should take a course in the Arts and Humanities from the broad-based offerings if your intensive class falls into the Math/Science/Technology category. 


 The web-based class selection forms are managed through an online survey. The GHA staff will use the data you send to record your preferences and sort you into classes based upon the best available fit. Please follow these steps:

1. Read the course descriptions carefully to decide which ones most interest you.

2. Jot down five (5) of your preferences for the Intensive courses and have them available when you are ready to register. Do the same for broad-based courses.

3. Go to the  sign-up link  on the Handbook and Forms page after 4p.m., May 31, to complete the form. It will be time stamped, so don't try to jump the gun. If the date changes, it will be posted on this page. Although the link may be live before 4p.m., applications submitted before the opening window will NOT be considered first. As a matter of fact, they may be moved to the bottom of the selection list.

4. So that you may complete the Outstanding Educator form quickly, have all of the information available so that it can be entered.  You might consider typing the teacher contribution and  tribute in a document so that you can cut and paste it into the form.  (Information about how to do this we be published by May 18.)

2016 Course Descriptions and Faculty Highlights




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