Before attending the GSA, I was going to be an engineer. Now I am a successful television actor. Thank you GSA!

Dear GSA applicants, What can I say about GSA? The friendships are forever, the artists are beyond talented, and tons more. When I first applied to the Governor's School for the Arts, I'll admit that at first I was frightened of it. New people, a roommate, leaving my family, etc. It was definitely something new to me. But when I arrived at Davis and Elkins College on July 4, 2012, all my previous feelings of fright faded away. There's not near enough space in this box for me to tell you exactly how highly I think of this program, but I can tell you this. The statement "The best three weeks you never imagined" holds true. I never imagined that I would make so many lasting friendships. I never imagined that I could learn so much about acting, music, digital media, visual art, creative writing, and dance in just three weeks. I never imagined that I'd be looking at classic pieces of American history at the Smithsonian with my fellow actors and forever friends. I never imagined that I had the courage to stand in front of one hundred individuals and square dance by myself to Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". But I did. That's just how comfortable, and how accepted I felt in those three weeks. GSA is every young artist's fantasy. It's a place to hone your crafts with others of your same dream. It's a place of sheer excitement and never dull moments. So fill out your applications, get your audition pieces ready, and come to West Virginia's Governor's School for the Arts. Your summer is about to get better.
-Benjamin Thomas "Tre" Cobb II, 2012

This was the most amazing experience of my life. It gave me confidence to continue in my career path with writing. I fell in love with the people, the staff, and the college! I might even go to Davis and Elkins when I graduate. It is a truely magical experience in which you will leave a brand new person!
-Tessa Sawyers, 2012

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