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It's supposed to be cold this weekend, so be sure to leave home in time to audition at South Charleston on January 30 or 31.   On Saturday, Mrs. Keffer will not be able to access her email account, so if you need to communicate with her, use the cell phone number on your audition letter.

You will enter through the main entrance at SCHS.  It's easy to see.  Click here for  directions to the school.


The Best Three Weeks You Never Imagined!

July 5-25, 2015 at West Virginia Wesleyan College

Just when you're starting to think that things can't get better, they do. For current sophomores, a chance to experience a summer that's so good you cannot even imagine it lies in the Governor's School for the Arts (GSA). The 2015 session of this outstanding opportunity to help young artists develop their talents and expand their horizons will take if  place on the beautiful campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College. 

If you are a tenth-grader who writes, dances, sings, plays an instrument, acts, draws/paints or works in digital media, take the time to explore this site and talk about it with other students who have attended. They report that the Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) is the "most awesome experience" of their lives. Read through the entire site before making your decision. If it seems that this is just the opportunity you've been looking for, take the first step and start the application process. It could change you forever.

Whatever you do, you should take a look at the awesome video clips and photos created by Jared Thompson and Aaron Kuhn and posted on Facebook (West Virginia Governor's School for the Arts 2014)). Daily broadcasts let family and friends know what was happening at this premier school. In addition, you should read the testimonials and Student Handbook from 2014.  If you check out the GSA Roster 2014, you may even find the name of a student with whom you can discuss such an incredible opportunity.

Applicants to the School for the Arts must currently be sophomores who live and attend school in West Virginia. Students who attend public and private schools as well as those who are home-schooled are eligible. Selected students are also expected to attend school within West Virginia next year. Home-schooled students must present verification of West Virginia residency.

Although requirements are discussed at length on another page, it is important that you know from the beginning that students who earned less than a 2.5 GPA for their freshman year or who are not ranked in the top 50% of their class will not be granted an audition and should not apply. There is one exception. You can read about it in the application section.

Sherry Keffer, Director of Governor's Schools Department of Education and the Arts
Building 5, Room 205
1900 Kanawha Boulevard East
Charleston, WV 25305
304 558-2440

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