West Virginia Governor's School for Math and Science 2017


First GSMS Session Concludes With Happy Faces, Enriched Brains, and Dedication to the Future of STEM

After only nine days, 48 rising 8th graders completed research projects and presented their findings about The Math and Science of Sports in a science fair setting at WVU's Honors Hall.  The second session starts  June-23. Nearly every county in the state sent representatives to one of the Governor's Schools for Math and Science. Rising 9th graders begin their experience July 10 at West Virginia State University as they research ways to Build a Sustainable Future.
Become a Scientist or Mathematician at GSMS 
For decades, students were encouraged to learn about science.  They did learn about science and scientists, but they did not feel the excitement of discovery--of overcoming defeat.  Carl Sagan's declaration that we can "do" science fired the movement to make young students actual scientists. Books are still important; they contain necessary, fundamental,  background knowledge. With that knowledge, students can soar into the unknown.
Recognizing that the scientific and mathematic discoveries have made a difference in the world were developed over long periods of time by motivated, dedicated, thorough, and creative minds, the State of West Virginia offers the Governor's School for Math and Science, inviting students to delve into projects that allow them the time and opportunity to think and work like scientists and engineers, using high level mathematics and thinking skills while employing the latest technology resources.
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Create...Test...Revise...Test...Voila!  OR test...revise...test...revise....


There are forms  that must be completed and submitted before selected students may attend the Governor's School for Math and Science. They should have been completed by now, but the link will stay live for a few more days.


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