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West Virginia Governor's School for Math and Science 2017

Important Dates for GSMS 2017

Choose one session:  June 14-22 or June 23-July 1

  • January 3   Teacher applications will be published; Due date is March 1
  • January 30   Part II of the Student applications will be published. It will be accessed via a link on the left column of this page just under 2017 GSMS Application Part 1.  Note: it may be the end of the day February 1 before the application is available.
  • Week of February 1  Information packets will be mailed to the schools
  • March 25   Final postmark date for counties to submit recommendations to the state.  The school deadline will be considerably earlier.  Be sure to check with your guidance counselor for due dates!
As America fights to regain its economic footing, there is a rising drumbeat for the country to raise its performance in science and math. --Joe Mullich, The Wall Street Journal
America consistently ranks poorly against its global classmates in STEM subjects, placing 25th in math and 17th in science out of 31 countries ranked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Only about 18 percent of high school seniors perform at or above proficiency in science subjects, according to the National Math and Science Initiative. These alarming numbers are forcing America to go back to the chalkboard and evaluate where we stand in an evolving STEM world.
Recognizing that the scientific and mathematics discoveries that have made a difference in the world were developed over long periods of time by motivated, dedicated, thorough, and creative minds, the State of West Virginia answers the drumbeat by offering the Governor's School for Math and Science, inviting students to delve into projects that allow them the time and opportunity to think and work like scientists and engineers, using high level mathematics and thinking skills while employing the latest technology resources.
•Solve real-life problems;
•Work with others who have some of the same "far out" ideas you have;
•See how science, math, engineering and technology combine with art to become leading forces in the world economy. Work like scientists and engineers, using high-level mathematics and thinking skills while employing the latest technology resources to solve real time scientific and economic issues;
•Create...Test...Revise..Test....Voila!....or, test...revise..test..revise ...
Either way, GSMS is an adventure in learning you won't want to miss!
Current 7th Graders--Math and Science in Sports
June 14-22 or June 23-July 1     West Virginia University in Morgantown 

  Current 8th Graders--Building a Sustainable Future

July 10-23                 West Virginia State University in Institute,       

Seventh graders apply for a session at WVU either June 14-22 or June 23-July 1, and they will be moving onto the playing fields as they study the importance of science and math in sports.  
Eighth-grade applicants will learn new ways to Build a Sustainable Future.
 Students who attended the session at WVU after the 7th grade are not eligible to attend Governor's School following Grade 8.  This is not a new policy.  It went into effect with the students attending GSMS with the 2012 session.  Review the links on this page to see whether GSMS is an opportunity you'd like to explore.  We hope you do!

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