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​Before beginning the application process, be sure to read "How to Apply." The link is in the column on the left. Please note that the application for the School for Math and Science is in two parts.  Part I is to be submitted online. Part II is a paper copy that is to be downloaded from this site, completed, and submitted to the appropriate person at your school. The final deadline (the date by which county superintendents are to submit final recommendations) is March 25. The school deadline will be at least 2-3 weeks before the final deadline, so it is imperative that students check with the school counselor often.

It is the responsibility of the student or parent to check with the school guidance counselor to see when applications must be submitted at the school level.  No application mailed directly to the Office of Education and the Arts will be considered.

The link to part one (2017 GSMS Application Part I) is to the left of this paragraph.. Be sure to complete and submit it by March 20 or the deadline for submitting  Part II to your school. (That's why we call it Part I).​​

Link to Part II for current 7th graders

Link to Part II for current 8th graders​​