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The GSMS state deadline has been postponed. New post mark date is March 31.

The Part I deadline for GSMS is now March 24 (Change effective February 26)

See announcement on the right regarding deadline extensions for the Governor's Honors Academy.

The State of West Virginia is proud to offer The Governor's Schools, which are residential summer sessions for academically and/or artistically talented students from across West Virginia.  Consisting of three programs that take place every summer on the campuses of various state colleges and institutions of learning, the programs are based on the premise that West Virginia's youth must be provided with special opportunities for learning and personal development in order for them to realize their  full potential.

Students apply for the Governor's School for Math and Science in either the seventh or eighth grade; they apply for theGovernor's School for the Arts during their sophomore year; and they apply for the Governor's Honors Academy
during their junior year.

School-specific information can be found on the individual school tabs, although some important dates follow.

Important dates for GSA--July 6-26, 2014
July 6-26               On campus at West Virginia Wesleyan College
December 3           RA applications will be published
December 10          Application Deadline for students
December 27, 28    Audition appointments will be sent to qualifying students via email.          
January 25             Auditions--University High in Morgantown
February 1             Auditions--Washington High in Charles Town
February 8             Auditions--South Charleston High in South Charleston
Important dates for GHA---June 29-July 19, 2014
December 3          GHA applications will be published
December 3            RA applications will be published
December 16          Information will be sent to schools
February 28          State Deadline for submitting Part I of the application (schools may require earlier deadline)
March 12                State Deadline: County recommendations must be postmarked no later than March 12 

Important dates for GSMS 2014  For rising 8th graders--Session I, June 22-July 1; Session II, July 2-11; Rising 9th-grade session July 27-August 9. 
January 20            GSMS applications will be published and website will be updated
February 10           Information packets will be mailed to the schools
March 24             State Deadline for submitting Part I of the application (schools may require earlier deadline)
March 31               Postmark date for state deadline  The school deadline will be considerably earlier. Check with counselor, but wait until February. Materials are scheduled to be mailed to the schools February 10.


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--  Very important information about 2014  Governor's Schools

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Will we ever get the application process finished? Because students have missed so much school, in addition to having extended the County Submission date to March 24 for GHA, we are also extending the date for students to submit Part I to March 12.


Counselors and County Coordinators--See the link near the bottom of this page to find a listing of your responsibilities for the various Governor's Schools.


For directions to the audition sites, see the GSA page.

To better fit the time constraintss of school systems, the date for mailing county recommendations for GHA is now March 12, 2014.

The postmark deadline for GSA applications has been extended to December 12, 2013.

The handbook and forms for GHA, GSMS and GSA  2013 are still available. You might want to review them, since the rules change little from year to year/

To find where the forms are, click the link on the navigation bar that runs across this page for the the school to which you have been accepted . There will be a link on the navigation pane on the left that will take you to both the handbook and the forms.  Happy navigating!



Click here to read more about Governor’s Schools and how to get your child enrolled.
See Parents Section


Want to have an amazing summer and show off your talent? Apply now.
See Students Section

Counselors, Prinicipals, & County Coordinators

School responsibilities, forms, and more specifically for counselors and principals can be found by clicking here.
See Counselors & Principals Section

Prospective Faculty & Staff

The Governor’s Schools seek outstanding professionals each year. Faculty applications are now available for the Governor’s Honors Academy and the Governor’s School for the Arts. The deadline for applying to teach at GSA is December 2; the deadline for applying to teach at GHA is December 18.
GSMS faculty applications, which have not been released, are due January 15.
See Prospective Faculty & Staff Section
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