School of Entrepreneurship

"If you can dream it, you can do it"---Walt Disney

Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship

In fall, 2015, the Governor's Schools had a dream. It was to create a brand new school for students who are interested in the future of West Virginia--students with the mindset , "I can make a difference in the business outlook of our state." With the state's shrinking budget, it almost seemed like a pipedream, but with careful financial planning and with financial assistance and enthusiasm from Marshall University, the dream became reality.  The inaugural session of the West Virginia Governor's School of Entrepreneurship  hosted 54 young entrepreneurs and some left eager to start their own business.  One student reports, "With the lessons I learned at GSE, I am running my own successful business...and I'm only a junior. If you have the chance to do this and you don't...well, what can I say?"

To share that dream-realizing experience, WVGSE offers high-school students the chance to dream about a new business or product and then make it happen.  Young innovators are thrown into an "accelerator" atmosphere where in three short weeks, they learn about business models, design thinking, and scaling new startup ventures.


There are team competitions, a pitch competition, and the opportunity to actually launch a new business venture. In fact, every young innovator will be an entrepreneur by the end of GSE.


Read through the information provided in the links below to see if you have the fire to become a West Virginia entrepreneur.