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GSE --July 5-25 at WVU


West Virginia University Hosts "Learn to Run a Successful Business" Experience

Governor Jim Justice and the Secretary of Education and the Arts are highly enthusiastic about our joint venture with West Virginia University's College of Business and Economics as we usher in the second session of the West Virginia Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship.   

This initiative exemplifies our strategy to create small businesses that will energize the economy of West Virginia, and we are attempting to foster that growth through fashioning an atmosphere of imagination, innovation, and creativity for our young potential entrepreneurs.   Entrepreneurship among young people is not a new thing. Our country has a history of capitalizing on the fresh, new ideas of people who are willing to take a chance.

The West Virginia Governor's School of Entrepreneurship is a three-week, intense experience open to high school students currently in 9th through 11th grades. The young innovators will learn about business models, design thinking, and scaling new startup ventures. There will be team competitions, a pitch competition, and the opportunity to actually launch a new business venture. In fact, every young innovator will be an entrepreneur by the end of the three weeks.


High School students in West Virginia who are accepted into the program will receive a full-ride scholarship (room, board, and tuition) and receive first priority for admissions.  The three-week Governor’s School of Entrepreneurship is for high school students from all parts of West Virginia. If selected, you’ll join a select group of aspiring entrepreneurs for three weeks to learn about how to develop successful new businesses.


Students participating in the West Virginia Governor's School of Entrepreneurship will be eligible to earn up to three credit hours of university credit in the area of entrepreneurship. In order to receive college credit, students must complete the two-step process application ( by April 28, 2017. This will be an online application and then a form signed by the student’s guidance counselor confirming their GPA. If you intend to enroll as a freshman at an institution other than West Virginia University upon graduation from high school, please contact that institution directly to obtain information regarding the transferability of courses and how any college course(s) taken while in high school might impact your enrollment status. Based on appropriate student participation in the Governor's School of Entrepreneurship, three credit hours will be formally entered into the records of West Virginia University. Official transcripts and additional information will be required in order to obtain the credit hours.


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